The First Projects

I started with clay. I don’t know why it caught my attention, or maybe I do. I blame Pinterest. I started watching polymer clay projects and tutorials on Youtube, but I was not sure I wanted to jump into polymer clay right away. So, I started with self~hardening or air dry clay, just to see if i could manage working with clay. I was never good with play-dough when I was little, so I didn’t have much hope with that. Needless to say, I was very surprised with the result; it wasn’t bad at all. It was Halloween, so why not start with a tiny pumpkin, followed by a tiny snow-covered tree…?



This tiny pumpkin, of about three¬†centimeters (a little more than an inch), is made of Das air dry clay. It was painted with acrylic paints and sealed with acrylic varnish. It takes more time to dry than make and paint, which isn’t easy when one is an impatient person.

The snow-covered tree was made with Jovi clay. The branches were shaped with the tip of a very small scissors, and followed by a long wait to let it air dry. As with the pumpkin, I painted it with acrylic paint, let it dry, followed by a good dab of white acrylic paint and silver glitter on top. It was sealed with acrylic varnish. This brand of clay has a problem, though, it breaks easily and flakes off. Anyway, here is how it turned out…


It’s not a masterpiece, as you can see… In my defense, it was my first incursion into clay. Having in mind how bad I was with play-dough, it’s not bad… right?…

I think I got a little better with clay…. you can check out the next clay project….

Tell me, have you ever tried this type of clay, and how do you get along with it? Don’t be shy, share some thoughts about this or just say ‘Hi’.




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