Wire Tree

Wire trees are so cute, aren’t they? I’m fascinated with them. There are all kinds of techniques: the way you twist the wire, if you use beads or nail polish flowers and leaves, if you mount it on a rock, pebble or put it in a container with small pebbles, etc.

I have started with a wire tree, with leaves and flowers made of nail polish and mounted on a medium beach pebble…


I could have painted the wire too but I actually liked the silver look; it matches the rock, I think. I loved making this, I wouldn’t mind making and selling these… and I want to try other twisting techniques and use beads instead of painted leaves and flowers. Again, it’s hard to explain how to make the loops and then make leaves or flowers. I watched a lot of YouTube videos and then made it my way. It was fun to make, but a little bit prickly… Very thin wire pokes you, or rather stabs you, like needles. But I think it’s worth it…. Don’t you? Such a cutie…

Actually, my first attempt with the wire and nail polish was this:

The bigger the petals and leaves the harder it is for the nail polish to stick and make a veil… I learnt it the hard way… but I hid my crime there… closed it and put a bead in the centre… Nifty, uh?


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