DIY Watercolour Book

I wanted to try watercolours and doodle. I remembered I had some card paper stored. I thought, why not use it? It has an interesting texture and it was just to play with it, so I wasn’t very worried with the quality of the paper, or if it was for watercolouring. My sheets were in A5 size. (I don’t know about you, but I tend to digitalise notebooks and throw the sheets away but I keep the card or hardcover and binding rings.) For this project, I got my hardcovers, two, cut them in A5 size and glued pretty sketckbook paper, in and out. First the out cover and then the inside paper, using a glue stick.


I punched the sheets and covers on the smaller edge and made a kind of ring, two to be exact.


And assembled. Because I have white and yellowish sheets I divided them and gave my watercolour book two covers…

Done! I then proceeded to use my new watercolouring book. Do you want to take a peek?…


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