Fabric Planner

I’ve never sewn in my entire life. Yet, it didn’t stop me from trying to make my own fabric planner. I’m still working on the corners, and I have to adjust the thread tension a little bit more, next time. Anyway, I’m happy with the result, and once I fix my shortcomings I will make these to sell, also in other fabric patterns and styles.


I also made my own planner inserts which I will share for download soon. I hope you like it. Leave a comment if you wish.



A Sketchbook

I never used a sketchbook. I’ve always liked to draw but, with school and university and degrees, I simply forgot about it. Recently, I felt the need to return to it. You know when you get to a point in your life when you feel the need to change it…? You need to do what makes you feel happy… Academia was only giving me frustration….

I have this notebook with thicker pages than usual. I decided to use it as a sketchbook…

My first entry:

I used colouring pencils and I’m thinking of softening the colours with oil– and colouring that missing bit on the right…

The First Watercolours

I had never tried watercolours. I had watercolour tubes because they came in one of those wood cases along with oil pastels, crayons, oil paint, acrylic paint, and poster paint. I didn’t use most of it. The poster paint was completely dry and the oil pastels aren’t looking good. Anyway, the watercolours were still good, although the light blue was dry, but that’s not a problem.  I just cut the tail of the tube, took a little bit out and added water.

These are my adventures into watercolor. Bear in mind im learning…

I really like the line and wash technique, so that’s what I’ve been using.

And that’s it so far….

PS.: Don’t forget to use a non blotting pen, when you use the line and wash technique or test your pens. I did that. I used a testing sheet, my black liners, wrote their names down and went over with a wet brush.

DIY Watercolour Book

I wanted to try watercolours and doodle. I remembered I had some card paper stored. I thought, why not use it? It has an interesting texture and it was just to play with it, so I wasn’t very worried with the quality of the paper, or if it was for watercolouring. My sheets were in A5 size. (I don’t know about you, but I tend to digitalise notebooks and throw the sheets away but I keep the card or hardcover and binding rings.) For this project, I got my hardcovers, two, cut them in A5 size and glued pretty sketckbook paper, in and out. First the out cover and then the inside paper, using a glue stick.


I punched the sheets and covers on the smaller edge and made a kind of ring, two to be exact.


And assembled. Because I have white and yellowish sheets I divided them and gave my watercolour book two covers…

Done! I then proceeded to use my new watercolouring book. Do you want to take a peek?…

Original Coasters

This is really easy to make. You need popsicle sticks–you can buy them at a crafts store or make a huge sacrifice to eat popsicles and save the sticks, wash them thoroughly and let them dry. I bought mine. You also need a glue gun and glue for it, acrylic paint and acrylic varnish. I put my sticks on a row and glued four on the back. I also went through the ridges  on the back, very slightly, just to seal them.

Then think what you are going to paint. make a sketch on paper and be careful with the scale of what you want to paint… Paint away….


I let it dry during the night and varnished the next day, and let it dry overnight again… When varnishing, make horizontal strokes and vertical, and repeat…


And done! Have fun making yours and let me know how they turned out. I can’t wait to see yours!

Wire Tree

Wire trees are so cute, aren’t they? I’m fascinated with them. There are all kinds of techniques: the way you twist the wire, if you use beads or nail polish flowers and leaves, if you mount it on a rock, pebble or put it in a container with small pebbles, etc.

I have started with a wire tree, with leaves and flowers made of nail polish and mounted on a medium beach pebble…


I could have painted the wire too but I actually liked the silver look; it matches the rock, I think. I loved making this, I wouldn’t mind making and selling these… and I want to try other twisting techniques and use beads instead of painted leaves and flowers. Again, it’s hard to explain how to make the loops and then make leaves or flowers. I watched a lot of YouTube videos and then made it my way. It was fun to make, but a little bit prickly… Very thin wire pokes you, or rather stabs you, like needles. But I think it’s worth it…. Don’t you? Such a cutie…

Actually, my first attempt with the wire and nail polish was this:

The bigger the petals and leaves the harder it is for the nail polish to stick and make a veil… I learnt it the hard way… but I hid my crime there… closed it and put a bead in the centre… Nifty, uh?

Wire Book Marker

My next project was with wire, and to tell you the truth, I really like working with wire. I started simple, with a small book marker. (In my case it was a planner marker, for my homemade planner). I started with a sketch and then used a cute pink wire. It is quite a manageable, which maybe it’s not perfect for a marker as it can lose shape, but as it was my first wire projec,t I thought it was preferable to start with an easy wire.


I continued to watch a lot of YouTube videos and was fascinated with that wire and nail polish technique, which later I took to the next level with a wire tree (spoiler alert).

Here is the final result with a clear bead in the centre of the nail polish flower:


I love my marker…

A Phone Pouch with a Ribbon Flower

I made another type of ribbon flower to put on my fabric woven phone case:


As with the other flower, I watched YouTube tutorials to learn how to make this flower. These three parts were glued together, using a glue gun and a yellow bead was added to it.


Once again was glued to a round piece of felt sewn onto the pouch. And this is the final look:



A Ribbon Flower

The flower mood continued and I moved to ribbon… This flower making technique is also known as kanzashi. It didn’t come out perfect but i still think it’s a cute book marker:


I watched many tutorials on YouTube, there are so many types of flowers, simply stunning. This was my first attempt at this ribbon flower business. I still want to make a Tudor Rose book marker with this specific design. (I’m a Tudor fan… No-one is perfect….). It’s hard to explain how this is done, but you can watch tutorials on YouTube or let me know if you would like to watch a tutorial from poor old me…